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Get to and around the islands

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Boats to the Islands

The town of Shinkamigoto is only accessible by boat. There are three ports on mainland Kyushu from which ferries and other boats depart for Shinkamigoto: Nagasaki Port Terminal, Kujiraze Terminal in Sasebo, and Hakatafuto Terminal 2 in Fukuoka. Kyushu Shosen, Goto Sangyo Kisen, and Nomo Shosen operate boats out of these terminals to ports throughout Shinkamigoto.

Check this guide for information about access to Nagasaki Port Terminal from Nagasaki Airport and Nagasaki Station.

Access to Town from Mainland Kyushu

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Inter-Island Boats

These boats travel between the Goto Islands.

For specific timetables, please see Inter-Island Boat Schedules.

Inter-Island Boats


Getting Around

Transportation on the Islands

The easiest way to get around the islands is by car or taxi, as buses are infrequent. International visitors to the islands who wish to drive should make sure that they bring the appropriate documents, such as international driving permits, passports, driver’s licenses from home countries, etc.

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Rental Cars

There are several rental car companies that operate out of the port terminal buildings, so it will be possible to pick up a car upon arriving to town. International driver’s permit holders will be required to furnish passports in order to rent vehicles.

Rental Car Companies in Town

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Please Note

On the islands, wild boar and deer often become active at night, especially in wooded or more remote areas. Extreme caution is advised when driving in these areas, especially during the dusk or after sunset. In addition, island roads tend to be rather narrow in some places and have no shoulders, so please be careful when driving in general, and watch out for drainage ditches that run parallel to roads.

For maximum comfort and ease of mind, kei kaa, or light vehicles are recommended for driving on the island. They are more compact, easier on gas, and are also quite fun to drive.
Among the kei kaa, quiet, environmentally-friendly, electric vehicles can also be rented on the islands. There are charging locations set up throughout town, and rental companies generally include passcards to activate the charging stations with the rental.

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Buses in town are not the most expedient method of getting around remote areas, but are convenient for transit to and from more central areas in town, such as ports.


Some ferry companies, such as Kyushu Shosen, offer a free shuttle bus to riders of the high speed boats and jetfoils. 


The buses are somewhat infrequent and do not generally operate past 6 p.m. Hours are typically limited to whenever there is demand; for instance, those who arrive to Aokata Port at 5:40 a.m. via the Taiko Maru ferry will be able to catch a ride into town on the bus that departs 10 minutes later. The next bus, however, will not come for approximately two hours, so please make sure not to miss this bus.

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