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Access to Nagasaki Port Terminal

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Nagasaki Port Terminal is located in central Nagasaki on the eastern side of Nagasaki Bay (17-3 Motofunamachi). It is about a one-hour bus ride from Nagasaki Airport and a 10-minute streetcar ride or 15-minute walk from Nagasaki Station. Directions from both the airport and station are detailed below.

From Nagasaki Airport

Exit the airport building and to the ground transportation area just outside. Take the bus from stop number 5 bound for Nagasaki Station and get off at Ohato bus stop (see Nagasaki Airport Access details). The ride costs a total of¥1000—tickets can be purchased in at the vending machines in front of the airport or exact change can be passed to the bus driver when alighting.

The bus that leaves from stop number 4 is also bound for Nagasaki Station. It is possible to take this bus to the station and then walk or take the streetcar to the port.

From Ohato Bus stop, head west towards "you me" shopping mall and Nagasaki Port Terminal.

"Nagasaki Port Terminal is pronounced "Nagasaki-ko Tahmeenahru" in Japanese.


From Nagasaki Station/Bus Terminal (streetcar)

The city streetcar is the most efficient and straightforward way to get to the port from Nagasaki Station using public transportation. For more information on how to use the streetcar, please visit "Getting around Nagasaki by bus and streetcar/tram."

From either the station or the bus terminal, go up the pedestrian bridge that crosses over National Route 202 to access the streetcar stop, which is located in the middle of the road.

Use the staircase shown here to access the

bridge from the bus terminal.

Exit the pedestrian bridge at the platform on the east side, which is adjacent to southbound traffic.

Board the blue line heading for Sofukuji Temple. (See Streetcar Routes)

Disembark at Ohato Station

Follow the direction of the sign to the port, “Nagasaki Port Ohato Terminal.”


From Nagasaki Station/Bus Terminal (walking)

It is about a 15-minute walk to Nagasaki Port from Nagasaki Station and the Kenei Bus Terminal.

Cross the first intersection heading south after exiting the station.

It may be simpler to walk along the main road and turn right once signs for the port come into view. Look to the right for signs leading to the "Nagasaki Harbor Terminal" and follow them to the terminal building.


Getting tickets & Boarding

For high speed boat and jetfoil boarding, enter from the south side (facing the water).

Kyushu Shosen's ticket office (for high speed boats heading to Arikawa Port).

Goto Sangyo Kisen's ticket office (for high speed boats heading to Tainoura Port).

The boarding location for high speed boats is located opposite to the entrance of the terminal where the ticket offices are located.

The boarding location for the ferry to Narao Port (Sea Queen) is located on the second floor of the terminal building (not pictured here).

Kyushu Shosen's high speed boat, the "Sea Princess."

Goto Sangyo Kisen's high speed boat, "Big Earth."

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