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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Lose track of time gazing upon clear, ocean water at the various beaches on the island.

1. Hamagurihama Beach

1004 Nanamego (Google Maps)

Named for having an abundance of hamaguri—or clams—at one time, Hamagurihama Beach is a white sand beach with pine trees that stretches 400 meters east and west for a picturesque landscape. Rated as one of Japan’s top 88 beaches, this popular swimming area boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in Japan. The clear blue ocean water, which travels as far as 250 meters across the beach when shifting between low and high tide, provides a shallow, safe swimming area that extends for quite a distance.

Wide sandy beach in front of teal blue water.

This family-friendly beach has a lifeguard, changing area, showers, restrooms, coin lockers, and places to order refreshments and rent beach equipment. Every year the event, “Asobo Play Day,” takes place in early July conjunction with the opening of the beach. There are also camping and athletic facilities nearby.

The entrance to the beach is about 5 minutes away from Arikawa Port by bus. Parking accommodates up to 40 cars. While the beach is open to swimmers between July 14 through August 3, visitors can enjoy it from May through October.

2. Funasaki Beach

Funasakigo (Google Maps)

This secluded beach located in front of a small village is excellent for snorkeling. Turban shells, sea urchin and abalone are easy to spot in the clear waters along the rocky shore. Restrooms, showers, changing rooms, and parking are available. A lifeguard is also on duty from July through August.

3. Takaitabi Beach

Naraogo (Google Maps)

White sand beach with wood deck and turquoise ocean water with mountains in background

This swimming beach on the southeast side of Kamigoto boasts some of the clearest waters in the prefecture and is a great place to gaze out towards the horizon of the Goto Sea. This is a preferred location for surfing, and other types of marine activities. There are also log cabins right next to the beach that are available to rent.

The beach is less than 10 minutes away from Narao Port and has restrooms, showers, changing rooms, parking, and a lifeguard available during beach season.

4. Sanbonmatsu Beach

Tsuzukihamanourago (Google Maps)

This beach behind Hamanoura Elementary School in Tsuzuki-hamanoura remains shallow for a distance and is a popular beach for sea kayaking. Visitors to the beach can get a good look at the Kamigoto Floating Petroleum Storage Base. The toilets, showers, and parking lot are available to use free of charge.

5. Hamanna

Akaogo (Google Maps)

Cloudy sky with turquoise ocean and an island and mountains in the distance.

This secluded beach is tucked away from the main road and provides a nice detour on your way to or from Kashiragashima Island. Although Hamanna is not a swimming beach, the scenery is worth checking out on a sunny day, as the colors of the ocean will make you feel as though you’ve been transported to an island in the tropics. The lion-shaped Gengoro Island floating out in the open sea is a well-loved feature of this spot.

Access is rather tricky, as the entrance to the beach is unmarked and the road leading to the beach is short, but narrow with irrigation ditches on the side. Please drive carefully and check for oncoming traffic.

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